Chapter Sponsorship/Advertising Policy

The IIAOKC chapter may engage in a select number of sponsorship and advertising opportunities during the chapter year in an effort to support chapter activities and/or benefit general membership.

 SPONSORSHIP TYPES.  Chapter year sponsorships may include the following:

  • Chapter Sponsorships.  Four or five chapter sponsorships of $200-250 each may be requested during the chapter year.  Sponsorship receipts should not exceed $1,000 during the chapter (and tax) year (June 1 through May 31), unless approved by the board of governors prior to receipt.
  • Meeting Sponsorships.  Up to nine meeting sponsorships, or attendance prizes, may be requested for the chapter year and provided to meeting attendees, whose names will be drawn in accordance with the Monthly Drawing Policy.  Such sponsorship prizes will not be received or deposited by the chapter, but will be transferred directly to meeting attendees.
  • Seminar Sponsorships.  Unlimited seminar (or other event) sponsorships may be requested during the chapter year in the form of temporary donations of seminar (or other event) facilities, projection or presentation equipment, etc.

 ADVERTISING INCENTIVES.  In exchange for sponsorships (above), the chapter may offer the following advertising incentives:

  • Chapter Sponsorships.  Chapter sponsors may receive (a) advertising space on the chapter newsletters, website “home” page and/or other locations (as deemed appropriate) from the time of receipt through the end of the chapter year, (b) an opportunity to speak for 2-3 minutes at one meeting or seminar during the year, (c) and other reasonable incentives (i.e., brochures on the meeting table, a PowerPoint slide during the pre-meeting slide presentation, etc.).
  • Meeting Sponsorships.  Meeting sponsors may receive (a) smaller advertising space on the chapter newsletters, (b) website “home” page, and/or (c) other reasonable incentives.
  • Seminar Sponsorships.  Seminar sponsors may receive (a) advertising/recognition in seminar (or other event) marketing materials and (b) one free event registration (pending an estimated sponsorship value greater than the registration fee and adequate event profitability to cover the lost registration fee).